THE BEACH  "The Story of Life" by Joel Lavenson


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Joel Lavenson

MA, NCC, LPC, LCPC, BCPC, Board Certified  PTSD Clinician               

      109 Sahagian Road, Belgrade, Maine 04917

  • 95 Park St. Lewiston, Maine 04240

  • 10 Pond Road, Westport, Connecticut 06880

                     PH: 207-689-8004


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20 Disharmony & Discord

The odd thing is that sometimes, it stops working, or becomes less effective at an "attractent" and you resort to more and more gamesmanship to get less and less of what you think you need. You try to find, and often do, a person with whom your game will work. For awhile. and then it doesn't anymore. If you change partners, without changing your methods, you will end up in the next relationship, at the same place and feeling the same disappointment.