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Discover the Career that Best Matches YOUR Personality!


  • What career, company, boss, environment are you best suited for? Based on Meyers Briggs Type


  • Who will love the value you bring to your job?


  • What is your Sweet Spot for a career?


  • What condtions will make you the happiest?


  • Find out sooner, quicker and with less dead ends, false starts, ill suited jobs, terrible bosses, mismatched companies etc.

We coach you through evaluation, explanation, interpretation and finally implementation


  1. First we confirm what your Meyers Briggs Type Indicator is through a series of methodogies and inventories.

  2. Second the Coach will teach you what your challenges and opportunities are likely to be given your set of unique preferences.

  3. Third the Coach will teach you how to use this powerfful information to your advantage

  4. Fourth the Coach will guide you through the process of identifying the career, the pre career jobs, environment, company culture, boss temperment and working conditions that will make you seem like a " million dollar find" for the company and a job you will be best matehed to love and be highly valuable.


This process is one that, that left to your own devices, you might go through naturally, on your own, through trial and error and perhaps never really find your sweet spot. Using this program it is designed to have you by pass all those unwise and wasteful choices you wish
you had not made but did not know any better.

Knowledge is Power


Now you will be equipped to make really good choicres that will yield great results?


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207 689 8004

This Three Day Meyers Briggs based Personality Type Training has proved to be invaluable to those with the most important interactions and outcomes on the line. Our custom designed programs give you the tools to determine other peoples pernsoality types, This gives us the power to know what others are likely to be thinking, feeling and deciding by understanding their prefernces, vebal and nonverbal cues. A huge advantage for any team needing to reach others in critical matters.

We give you the edge in all your personal or professioal interactions; the advantage in creating the approach  that will give the best probability for the outcomes you desire. You will feel like you can "Speed Read People's minds."

Based on Best Selling book The Art of SpeedReading People

Training the Art of Speed Reading People's Minds -

                        Get The Advantage

Know What They Think for More Sucessful Negotiations, Sales and Jury Selection

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