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THERAPIES A Trauma Relief Center

Serving Connecticut and Maine with NEW Online Remote EMDR treatment for PTSD and anxiety. Specializing in healing the trauma that effects Parenting, Couples and Family.

A caring, competent and effective approach to counseling for over 20 years.

Joel Lavenson, a Board Certified PTSD Clinician is a pioneer in PTSD treatment, including EMDR, CBT and EFT, and many of the latest approaches to therapy for depression, anxiety, parenting and couples issues.

Whether you come into the Belgrade, Maine Office, the Lewiston, Maine  Androscoggin Wellness Group office, Westport, Connecticut or access Joel Lavenson Remotely Online by Video for your most challenging life issues, you will see how Joel, the ultimate optimist and can-do artist will:


Help You Find Your Way and OPTIMISM


FEES: $160 per session. Cash, Check, or Credit Card Accepted.


  • Full Payment due upon receipt of service. After 5 PM and weekends $190 per session

  • Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation to avoid being charged for session.

  • If you use your insurance please check with them to make sure they will reimburse you

  • directly, for your out of pocket expense of my fee, using my TAX ID 844 70 5197


Some INSURANCES might do so:  MMC, MCHO, Health Plans,

Martins Point, EBPA, Value Options, UBH, United Healthcare, Harvard Pilgrim, UMR,

Today’s Options, Aetna, Anthem, Humana, MHN/Tricare, Cigna





We focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities to Help You Find Your Way.


Every individual has a goal they feel is blocked by challenges or obstacles. Sometimes these issues take on an imagined size and power too great to overcome. This is where we begin.


We help empower you to triumph over these life challenges.





Couples are a team that may have lost its purpose, mission, values, goals and most importantly, trust.


Our solutions are teach Common Sense Tools to Overcome Long Standing Problems and regain the trust your team needs to move forward as a unit.


You will love how you feel again, when you get your love back.



The core of healthy living begins at home with the healthy family. We use the Family Systems approach.


Family has a code, that once understood, accepted, revered, protected and faithfully followed will make this living entity the most powerful solution to all of life's challenges.


We help you establish the mission statement for your family and give you the tools to let each member find his or her value and place in the family unit.



EMDR- Powerful Concentrated Traditional Therapy, for
Fast & permanent shifts.


This Warp Speed Therapy is best and most effective for individuals with PTSD, Anxiety, Headaches  and compulsive behaviors, including Anger Management,   NEW!  Non-medication - Non-Invasive headache and  migraine  interventions.

Simple explaination: When things that people say or do or things that you see, hear, smell or touch can bring up the traumatic memories, the mixed-up thoughts, feelings and body feelings connected to those troubling and persistent things.


EMDR helps the brain put all the pieces together so the fixation of the unwanted thoughts or feelings can leave us and the good stuff or the things we learned from it can stay so we get stronger.


Then, the brain can chew up and digest all the mixed-up feelings and thoughts as well as the yucky feelings we may have in the body.

Used by schools, government agencies, Red Cross disaster teams and therapists world wide who will tesitfy to its powerful effectiveness.


When is works, it is nothing short of a miracle.



Emotional Freedom Technique involves physically tapping the meridians as identified in Accupuncture and Accupressure.

It, too is a type of warp speed therapy from which many clients  find almost instantaneous relief from Non-medication - Non-Invasive headache and  migraine interventions. Helps those with unwanted .worry, anxiety and stress upon the physical tapping of these Shakra Centers of the the body.


Make your Emotional Well Being     YOUR HOBBY!

EMDR Trauma and PTSD get results
Download Forms & Workbook


Imago Relationship Therapy, "Is the only couples therapy that works," according to Oprah Winfry.


Based on an amalgam of the best techniques, modalties and tenets of Psychology, this simple approach to teaching the tools of effective and safe communication provides the building blocks for rebuilding healthy and happy relationships.


No matter how bad it may appear, couples committed to learning the tools and using them faithfully will rediscover the relaxed and joyful relationship they have longed for. Look on YouTube for the IMAGO DIALOGUE Process

Here is a mystery of why silence hurts so much: The Still Face Experiment


“The most talented and dedicated therapist I have ever known. He really gets it.” 


David Greenfield

PhD, Psychologis, Best Selling Author and International Speaker

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