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First   Lets speak together to ensure a good match.

  • Please give me a call at 207 689-8004 or email me at to set up a time to talk.

  • Helping you find the right person and approach to assist you through your challenges is not only really important and very personal, it is the most critical part of your path to healing yourself and your relationhsips.

  • My goal is first, to see if I can be of help and if not, to point you to a solution that fits your needs and desires.

  • It takes a lot of courage (INSPIRATIONAL!!!!: ( A Reminder that is an old and still good lesson today) to go on this journey and I will give you Caring, Competent and Effective counseling and therapy or help you find someone who will. For couples I use the IMAGO DIALOGUE PROCESS. Look on YouTube!


Second   Please get in touch with your insurance company.

  • Make sure you will be reimbursed directly with a statement from me.

  • I require payment from you directly at the time of service. FEE is $120 per session

  • I will give you a receipt and statements with CPT Codes, Diagnostic Codes, dates of service, etc. for your insurance company to reimburse you for your payment to me.

  • Unless we arrange otherwise in advance, you will be responsible for the full fee less whatever your insurance company coverage will pay to you directly for the session.

  • When we talk we can figure this out so that it works best for both parties.

Third   Please complete the online forms below.

  1. Client Information & Agreement (Complete Online)

  2. Meyers Briggs Personality Assessment (Complete online form)


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