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Divorce Suppport Group Maine
DIVORCE & SEPARATION - Divorce Survival Groups click here
 FRIDAYS: 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM in LewIston and Thursdays in  Belgrade  SPACE LIMITED
Support Teams Help You Deal With the Overwhelming Sense of Loss 

Minimum of Six Weeks Commitment - By Reservation Only

Though temporary, these anxious, depressing and traumatic moments can feel so overwhelming that many aspects of your life can become enormously confusing and even scary.  


A support Team of individuals in varying stages of this loss help you feel normal, capable and postive about the future. Join us for six weeks. Call 207 689 8004 for information and reservation. $50 per session and minimum of six weekly sessions. Held  at the Androscoggin Wellness Group office in Lewiston and Thursdays in the Advanced Counseling Center in Belgrade. Find about the love, support and power you can only get from a group. Let us Help you Find Your Way! Call 207 689 8004 Now for details.




Spouses- Military, POLICE, 1st Responders

Support for those who support the ones on the front line

Keeps YOU and Your Family STRONG .

Your stress is unique, and as overwhelming as your spouse's stress, yet often ignored and overlooked in an effort to support your family as they watch the one going out into harms way.



IYou will learn to share the burden and confusion with others who are going through the identical situatuon only, doing silently.


But your family feels its weight and devastating effects all the same.
This approach is designed to give you a safe place to unload that depleting burden and stress, so that we can help you to stay strong.


With my unique backgroundf and many years of training and serving those who serve us, I am honored to be of some value to you and your family, be SAFE and STRONG.

Confidential Counseling for Individuals, Couples, Families and Support Groups offered.


CALL for details 207 689 8004

ReTiering Strategies: Where do I go from here? How?

Life is Change - Adapting is the Key

Whether you are retiring, empty nesting, or recovering from the loss of a partner the uncertainty that accompanies these drastic life changes can make you want to fight, flee, freeze or submit just to survive.


Don't settle for just surviving - thrive in the face of change and come out better than ever. The support Team can be invaluable in shepherding you through all varieties of change.

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