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 Lead by Veterans and                        Family Members 
 Student Honor Guard Program

Sponsored by the Original Band of Brothers Family

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The  Next  GREATEST  GENERATION  is  Here!

They are in your schools, places of worship and organizations, excited and motivated to learn how to express the gratitude, appreciation and respect held so dearly by our country at large towards our Veterans, Individuals, Families and Entities deserving this Small Gesture with a Big Message. The Art of the Salute

They are thrilled and honored to be the voice of reverence so vitally needed today. They want to say "Thank You"

Let us come to your school and teach your Next Greatest Generation Student Honor Guard "The Art of the Salute" so that they can represent you, themselves, their families and their communities in such a time honored and uplifting fashion.

They will join the team of other Student Honor Guards and learn how to present themselves and their message in an impactful way. See Program, Curriculum and Fees

Call Now to find out more and request a visit 207-689-8004

Joel Lavenson, MA, NCC, LPC, LCPC, BCPC
Student Honor Guard Director

US Army 66 -70 Original Band of Brothers Easy Co.Family

Proud father of Emma, 6th grade Student Honor Guard member from Mount Merici Academy, Maine

Maine Student Honor Guard welcomes Veterans



Joel, Thank you for  giving us  the Student Honor Guard Program. Your commitment to shining a bright light on the positive attributes of today's youth is most admirable.

Our studenrts loved  becoming a Student Honor Guard and they themselves were honored to Salute and Welcome Home

the Veterans from the Honor Flight.  Carpe Diem!


Donna,  Mount Merici Academy


I felt privileged to be a part of such a wonderful event. We should all honor our brave and courageous veterans.

Olivia , Student Honor Guard member


Thank you so much for  teaching our students such a great lesson  in demonstrating respect and honoring Veterans. They love being a part of their traditional ritual of showing gratitude and respect.You have indeed  helped them become The Next Greatest Generation!

Vicki  DuGuay, Principal Mount Merici Academy

Small Heading
"Mount Merici Academy Students Welcome "Honor Flight" Veterans Home"

They are our Junior High, High School and College Students

Spontaneously inspired to join in the ranks of the kids, these Greatest Generation World War II Vets stand with the Next Greatest Generation students!
Though separated by nearly 80 years, these Student Honor Guard members are joined by World War II Veterans saluting their arriving comrades, showing their common purpose and effort to
express Respect, Honor and Thanks to our Veterans, still lives.
Student  Honor Guard Maine
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