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 Student Honor Guard Program


We will train your selected Student Honor Guard
Sponsored by the Original Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers Student Honor Guard

Training Program:

  • 2 hour initial training on site, in your school or organization

  • 1 hour follow up on site and then

  • 1 visit to supervise a ceremony preformed by your students

Taught by Veterans and a relative of Band of Brothers, World War II Easy Co. 2nd BN 506th PIR, 101st Airborne soldier featured in the book, A Company of Heroes, in the tradition of the country's rich and noble history of Honor Guards serving over 240 years.


  • To bring Honor through a well rehearsed, positive and uplifting ceremony.

  • To represent yourselves, your family, your school and the nation with your attention to detail, striving for excellence, and sacrifice.

  • Your care filled and uncommon effort will emblemize the degree to which your desire to honor, respect and show gratitude for the uncommon effort and sacrifices of others.


  • History of Salute and Honor Guards

  • The Band of Brothers Connection

  • History of the Star Spangled Banner

  • Youtube videos of other ceremonies and honor guards

  • Learn the precision commands of:

    • Lining up, Spacing, Saluting, Marching and Flag Carrying

  • Learn the National Anthem - lip sync or sing

  • Learn flag presentation

  • Learn flag folding

  • Dress code, grooming and shoe shining

  • Learn the Student Honor Guard Creed

Student Honor Guardsman's Creed:

I am a Student Honor Guardsman.

I will Proudly stand beside my fellow Student Honor Guardsmen despite the discomforting elements;

I will maintain Poise on and off the parade field;

I will exceed the standards and accept nothing less than giving my best.

I will Honor all Veteran men and women both living and dead.

I will Respect the Honor Guard Mission.

I will Devote my maximum effort unto this sacred duty.

By wearing the official patch I have accepted a commitment to Excellence as a way of life.

Certification Ceremony:

Upon completion of training students will receive certificate of membership and Honor Guard patch and braid to be worn when performing all Honor Guard Ceremonies

Fee per school or organization:

$225 (plus travel if outside of Maine)


Sponsored by and payable to:

Veterans Family Camp

109 Sahagian Road

Belgrade, Maine 04917

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