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Improve skills, Expand your Practice and
Learn the IMAGO Tools that Enhance Relationships

IMAGO Relationship Therapy
Clinician's Training & Skills Workshop





Based on the Book by Harville Hendrix         Joel Lavenson MA, NCC, LPC, LCPC, BCPC

 Getting The Love You Want      Certified ImagoTherapist.

Learn the "Common Sense Tools to Solve Long Standing Problems"
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Space is Limited





$800.00/Couples (Provider w/ Partner


Lewiston, Maine

  Sunday 9 am - 3 PM 

Monday 9 AM - 3 PM

Lewiston, Maine
Monday 9 - 3 PM

Tuesday 9 AM - 3 PM

Belgrade, Maine

Friday 5  - 8 PM

Saturday 9 AM - 2 PM
Sunday 9- Noon

Bangor, Maine
Friday 5 - 8 Pm

Saturday 9 AM - 3 PM


Learn the techniques that helps

Heal Relationships through

"The Promise"

Clinicians, Counselors and Couples' Therapists...

Build your couples counseling skills with IMAGO Relationship tools.

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of IMAGO Relationship therapy, the origins of which surfaced in the book series, “Getting the Love You Want," by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt.  This multi-modal approach, an amalgam of many varied and effective tools and protocols, is world renowned as one of the few couples therapies that actually works and sticks.

The workshop includes interactive learning, skill building, practice and take home workbook during which you will

Sharpen your counseling skills,

Improve results with your clients and

Enhance your own personal relationships.


Workshop Description

IMAGO Relationship Therapy collects the most effective and industry tested approaches, protocols and tools for helping couples return to the relaxed, joyful and supportive relationship they hoped for when first coupling. It is intended to give hope that there is a way for everyone to be heard, cherished and loved in the way that brings lasting peace and harmony, regardless of the couples particular circumstances.


It doesn’t matter What you talk bout, It matters How you talk about it.

Creating and guarding safety is the key. 

You will learn specific methods and skills to help couples overcome the deleterious effects of the power struggle that

so often has a strangle hold on their love.

Reframe old dynamics and combat the effects of childhood wounds and invoking the reptilian brain

to survive the “life threatening" events.

By "Solving Long Standing Problems With Common Sense Tools” you will learn inventions for treating the

most challenging of clients and how to create a safer environment in the session and to use

IMAGO Dialogue to bring couple closer than they have been in years, if not the first time at all.

Workshop Goals

As a result of this thoughtful and provocative overview of this treatment approach and its tools you will be able to use this approach effectively in your clinical practice. As a workshop participant, you will learn, practice and sharpen your skills.

Upon completion, participants will have acquired the skills to:

  1. Teach the skills of creating safety between partners as a couple, and safety between the couple and the therapist.

  2. Understand the use of the IMAGO Dialogue process and how it can help couples quickly get to the root of their power struggles.

  3. Understand childhood wounds as the path to creating empathy and behavior changes.

  4. Explain how childhood wounds unconsciously run our lives, often to our chagrin, and how to turn that around.

  5. Help clients ask for the “Behavior Change Request” in a way that makes their partner want to deliver it.

  6. Distinguish between listening and listening empathetically

Couples who are in partnership with minimum of one clinician in the couple-ship are welcome.

FMI: Joel Lavenson 207 689 8004

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Flexible schedule options

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